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Information on opening hours

Our permanent exhibition is currently closed. The special exhibition, the “Geschichtswerkstatt” (history workshop), the restaurant and the shop are open until 25 February (see opening hours).
From 23 March 2024, all areas of the museum will reopen.

NAM: Lecture - Creation of the Porsche 959
Event on 09.12.2023

Event at the museum: Creation of the Porsche 959

A good four months after opening, we are delighted to have won the FIA Founding Members’ Club Heritage Cup of the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA). The FIA Heritage Cup is regarded an accolade within the classic car scene. The award was presented on 8 December at the FIA’s Grand Gala in Baku, Azerbaijan, where Max Verstappen received his Formula 1 World Championship trophy. With this award, the FIA recognises the efforts of dedicated organisations, events and individuals to promote and preserve automotive history. We were nominated for the award by the Automobile Club of Germany (AvD). Take a look at the AvD application video below:


Experience the full history of the automobile, and the engineering, the design and the diversity behind it all. We present the whole of the automotive world - from unknown prototypes to world-famous classics, from the concept car to everyday vehicles, from sports coupes to ultimate racing cars.

There is a lot to experience. Be excited!

Exterior view (1)

The museum

One of the most comprehensive and diverse collections in Europe, if not the world - the National Automuseum The Loh Collection - shows around 150unique automobiles from 135 years of automotive history. Vehicles from more than 50manufacturer brands can be seen, from rare exotics to cultural icons that sold in their millions.

The National Automuseum puts significant automobiles in the context of their respective eras. The museum tells the story of the engineers and designers, the proud owners and the brave racing drivers. The museum tells the story behind the history.

Highlights (2)

Permanent exhibition

More than 150 exhibits, more than 150 exciting stories. Knowingly told and stylishly presented within creatively historic museum walls. With exacting attention to detail, the National Automuseum presents the history of the automobile, in all its diversity, with the good, the bad and the quirky together. We have defined different subject areas, we show the most beautiful classics and explain the heroic failures, the ideas that caught the public imagination and those that history has forgotten. We have a cinema, an engine gallery, a technical center and our special exhibitions change regularly to maintain the museum’s freshness. The National Automuseum conveys knowledge, inspires the car enthusiasts and entertains the whole family.

100 years of Le Mans (1)

Special exhibition

The special exhibition "100 years 24h Le Mans - the myth, the heroes, the cars" shows the exciting development of the most famous long-distance race in the world, with more than 20 original Le Mans racing cars from 1928 to the present day. The selection of the displayed vehicles has never been seen in together before. Start Your Engines!


Movie theater

The "Capitol" in Art Deco style offers comfortable space for around 50 people. With stylish, classic seating and an original projector, we have integrated it into the old industrial hall.