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NAM: You can even see John F. Kennedy's Lincoln Continental - Friedhelm Loh's private car museum
16.11.2023│Neue Zürcher Zeitung

Many people collect classic cars, but nobody in Europe has done it as excessively as Friedhelm Loh over the past 35 years. Now the entrepreneur is opening up his valuable collection to the public.

NAM: Two exotics compared

Fewer examples of the Mercedes 300 S Cabrio were built than of the Gullwing. Even rarer, however, is the Goggomobil 250 Cabrio, of which there were only nine prototypes.

NAM: Why you must visit this new museum

This is the new National Automuseum – The Loh Collection. Based in Dietzhölztal, Germany, it is a must-see. Some 150 cars are beautifully exposed, including some race cars that have been off the radar for years.

NAM: House of the Open Garage - National Automuseum "The Loh Collection

At the end of July 2023, the large private collection of Prof. Dr. Friedhelm Loh, an entrepreneur and one of the richest people in Germany, was opened to the public in the form of a museum in Dietzhölztal-Ewersbach in Hesse.

NAM: This is what the "Loh Collection" offers Mercedes fans
17.10.2023│Mercedes Benz Passion

The National Car Museum "The Loh Collection" in Dietzhölztal-Ewersbach has only been open for a few months and offers an exclusive, selected collection of historic models.

NAM: The most beautiful museum in the world: National Automuseum - Loh Collection

Experience the history of the automobile. The engineering behind it, the design, the diversity.

NAM: What the press says - Euromaxx - Lifestyle Europe
08.09.2023│Deutsche Welle

The legend of Sisi: DW reporter Hannah Hummel looks at the empress's legacy in Vienna. Plus, one of Germany's most spectacular car museums. And, how to prepare köttbullar, Sweden's national dish.

Faszination Das spektakulärste Automseum Europas

This month, one of the most spectacular vehicle exhibitions in Europe opens in Dietzhölztal-Ewersbach with the Nationales Automuseum - The Loh Collection.

NAM: Das sagt die Presse - Wegen dieser 10 Exponate von 150 müssen Sie dahin!
18.07.2023│auto motor und sport

The new car museum The Loh Collection opens on 23 July 2023. We show 10 highlights from the classic car collection of the entrepreneur collection of Friedhelm Loh, which, alongside the Opel Manta, Lamborghini Miura and numerous Le Mans racers make a visit a must for car fans.

NAM: Das sagt die Presse - Ode an die Fahrfreude
22.07.2023│Der Spiegel

In central Hesse, an entrepreneur is opening what is probably Germany's most spectacular car museum. It puts the manufacturer collections of Porsche, BMW or Mercedes in the shade. Der SPIEGEL took a look around.

NAM: Das sagt die Presse - Nationales Automuseum - maximale Vielfalt auf vier Rädern

The car is more than just a show-off at the regulars' table. When aesthetics and technology come together to form a mobile vehicle, the result is often a great deal of fascination. Automobile history is told in museums - and Germany now has one more: the Nationale Automuseum in Hesse.

NAM: Das sagt die Presse - Zwölf fotografische Einblicke in die exklusive Oldtimer- und Rennwagen-Sammlung

Twelve photographic insights into the exclusive classic car and racing car collection.

NAM: Das sagt die Presse - PS-Tempel in der Provinz

In the industry, he is a hidden champion. But in the classic car scene everyone knows Friedhelm Loh. Hardly anyone else in Germany has such an collection of cars as the industrialist from central Hesse. It has recently been opened to the public as the "National Automuseum" accessible to the public.

NAM: Das sagt die Presse - Rennwagen der Superlative

German entrepreneur Friedhelm Loh has turned his car collection into a museum. In Hesse, historic one-offs are lined up with legendary racing cars legendary racing cars and state-of-the-art sports cars.

NAM: Das sagt die Presse - Nationales Automuseum vor der Eröffnung
20.07.2023│SAT.1 Regionalmagazin

From Sunday, Hesse will have one more museum. The "Nationales Automuseum" will open its doors in Dietzhölztal-Ewersbach. There you can marvel at special vehicles from various eras. Among them are real rarities and horsepower monsters. We had the chance to take a look around the museum before the opening.

NAM: Das sagt die Presse - Spektakuläres neues Museum in Hessen
31.07.2023│Oldtimer Markt

Last Sunday, the Nationales Automuseum in Dietzhölztal-Ewersbach finally opened its doors. Exhibited is the private collection of entrepreneur Friedhelm Loh, who has collected mainly exclusive milestones of automotive history and motorsport over three decades.

NAM: Das sagt die Presse - Spektakuläre Exponate im Automuseum
11.08.2023│Gießener Allgemeine

Very rare vehicles can often only be seen at auctions. In July, however, a unique private collection in the Lahn-Dill district opened its doors to the public: The collection of entrepreneur Friedhelm Loh comprises more than 150 vehicles. Among them are classic cars, but also sports and racing cars from eight decades.

NAM: Das sagt die Presse - Wenn ein Milliardär seine private Auto-Sammlung zum Museum macht

The Loh Collection is one of the most extraordinary private car collections in Germany. Now the 150 vehicles are being opened to the public for the first time: with the new "Nationales Automuseum" in Dietzhölztal in central Hesse.

NAM: Das sagt die Presse - Einzigartiges Automuseum in Dietzhölztal
18.07.2023│Hit Radio FFH

A must for all car fans: A unique car exhibition opens in Dietzhölztal in the Lahn-Dill district on Sunday (23 July). The museum is the impressive private collection of billionaire entrepreneur Friedhelm Loh.

NAM: Das sagt die Presse - Schumis Weltmeisterauto und ein 1200 Jahre altes Buch

A new car museum in Hesse promises rarities and racing cars, while a famous book is moving in Dublin. In Bavaria, meanwhile, young and old master builders get their money's worth in a show.

NAM: What the press says - The biggest private car collection in Germany worth far over $100 Million
10.09.2023│Novitec Group

You’ll be walking past a specially built Lamborghini Countach to get to the Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR Roadster, into the world of DTM and the nostalgia of Grand Prix, even the very cars of Michael Schumacher, Ayrton Senna and Niki Lauda.

NAM: What the press says - Tips voor trips: Opening Nationales Automuseum The Loh Collection

The Nationale Automobile Museum - The Loh Collection will open on 23 July 2023. Located in Germany, about four hours' drive from Brussels, it is well worth a detour.

NAM: What the press says - Bons plans de l’été: Ouverture du musée de la collection Loh
18.07.2023│Le Moniteur Automobile

It's a magnificent museum that opens this summer 2023, on 23 July. The "Nationales Automuseum the Loh Collection" is in Germany, a 4-hour drive from Brussels. It is definitely worth a visit.

NAM: What the press says - Nieuw: Nationales Automuseum The Loh Collection
23.06.2023│Octane Magazine

From 23 July 2023, car and motorsport enthusiasts can see for the first time the collection of the 'Nationales Automuseum The Loh Collection' in Dietzhölztal-Ewersbach (state of Hesse, near Siegen) features about 150 spectacular cars from the period from 1886 to the present.

NAM: What the press says - Retro: Tentoonstelling 100 Jaar Le Mans in het nieuwe Duitse Nationales Automuseum - The Loh Collection

Last week saw the official opening of the German Nationales Automuseum - The Loh Collection in Dietzhölztal-Ewersbach, an amazing museum with a collection of world-class, just under four hours' drive from the centre of our country.

NAM: What the press says - Het nieuwe Duitse Nationales Automuseum, een absolute aanrader!

The opening of a new car museum is by no means an everyday occurrence. This Sunday, 23 July, is the day: the German Nationales Automuseum - The Loh Collection will open...

NAM: What the press says - Retro: Nationales Automuseum - The Loh Collection: unieke autocollectie, de omweg waard

Just under two more weeks of patience: from Sunday 23 July, the German Nationales Automuseum - The Loh Collection will be open to the public.