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University Campus Nationales Automuseum

The Nationales Automuseum has always been more than just a brilliant place to learn about the automobile and its history. It was also always planned to be a science, education and research hub as well. In cooperation with the University of Economics and the Environment Nürtingen-Geislingen HfWU, the museum will serve as a university campus for the Faculty of Business and Law from the 2023 winter semester onward. The scientific direction is held by Dipl.-Ing. Prof. Dr. Jochen Buck.

In addition to two existing one-semester certificate courses, the university has established a master’s degree programme (M.Eng.) in engineering. The aim is to qualify students in the knowledge of and ability to appraise classic cars, especially with regard to their significance as historical cultural assets. Coursework includes the deepening of restoration knowledge and practical skills, the evaluation of history and originality as well as qualification in complex classic car appraisal skills and expertise.

Starting in November 2023, the University Campus Nationales Automuseum will begin operations for the winter semester – initially with the two one-semester certificate courses in the field of classic car appraisal and automobile design. Coursework will expand to include a consecutive lecture in the field of automotive history that will be offered under the auspices of automotive business degree programme at the University of Economics and the Environment Nürtingen-Geislingen HfWU.